I write for a range of print and online publications. These include the Times Educational Supplement, Britain Magazine, The Guardian, Grazia, The Cheltonian and The F word. I contribute regularly to the current affairs site Women’s Views on News, and have also completed writing projects for organisations such as the UK tourist board. Links to some of my work available online can be found below, but please get in touch for a more comprehensive and up to date list of my published writing.

Recent work

Why do people blush?

In the past, red cheeks have variously been linked to innocence, guilt, and repressed cannibalism...

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Dealing with the BREXIT vote

Sir, do I need to leave the UK now?

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Game of Thrones inspires people to take up sword l...

Ancient sword skills are being honed in clubs up and down the UK, inspired by ‘Game of Thrones’. Kate Townshend reports on the glamour of cold steel


Friends Was There For Me

One in four of us experience mental health problems in any given year. That’s why we’ve teamed up with mental health charity Mind to explore people's...

Is it possible for a mother and daughter to be *to...

Mothers and daughters share a strong similarity in the part of the brain that regulates emotions. Add daily telephone conversations, and Kate Townshen...

Slogan t-shirts: The politically-charged fashion s...

Something to get off your chest? Make a fashion statement with your feelings. Slogan T-shirts are enjoying a revival says Kate Townshend, and they're...

‘Hello, gorgeous’ – the sleazy chatbot who shows t...

After four years together he left and I never heard from him again

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'Ghosted' by my boyfriend

After four years together he left and I never heard from him again

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Role play, chivalry and a world without sexism:

Welcome to the ultimate female fantasy

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Conscious uncoupling and other ways to leave your...

The Guardian

Break ups are messy and unpredictable - especially if you choose to conduct them up a mountain or at the dentist

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Let go of the life plan


How to make the most of 'happy accidents'


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What it's like to lose a parent to dementia


An emotional account of something we never expect to happen to us.


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Am I too clever to be a primary teacher?

Academic success doesn’t rule out being a teacher of young children. Quite the opposite - it’s of great benefit in a tough job


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Ofsted watch: recent inspections

If you want to impress Ofsted, you’ll need to know its ever-changing framework like the back of your hand, as Kate Townshend discovered when she spoke...

Seven festive swims to celebrate the Christmas sea...

A tour across the world reveals outdoor swimming is a global Christmas and New Years Day staple


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Cold turkey: top 10 Christmas swims in the UK

It turns out there's an alternative to binging on chocolate and telly over the festive period. Beginning with a dip in my beloved Cheltenham lido, her...

The Tavern Cheltenham


Kate Townshend gets carried away at the chef's table, The Tavern...

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Gender in the Playground

Primary schools are no utopia of skipping rope and gender blind comradery. Instead, girls are already learning to worry about their looks - and boy...

The Cotswolds, an Insiders Guide

The Cotswolds, a glorious tapestry woven from parts of Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Wiltshire, is one of the most popular parts of...

Careers - Once Bitten

Making friends with colleagues can be extremely rewarding, but beware ruffled feathers. Kate Townshend offers wise advice...

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A Step into the Unknown

TES Magazine

What happens when you leave the comfort of your classroom to tackle subjects and age groups you were never trained for? Kate Townshend finds out...


Unsuitable Playmates?

TES Magazine

Playboy is being marketed to pre-teens like Barbie or Bratz. Kate Townshend argues that primary classrooms are not the place for this particular bra...

When you are the Target

TES Magazine

Teachers are vulnerable to abuse by pupils. Kate Townshend looks at ways to tackle it​...

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81 The Prom Restaurant Review

The Cheltonian

Kate Townshend takes in the flavours at Clentenham's new Indian Restaurant 81 The Prom​...

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The Dark Side of Human Trafficking

Women's View on News

When is the anti-trafficking side of the sex work line the wrong side to stand?​...

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Topless in New York

Women's Views on News

New York might be famous for its theatres, Central Park and the Empire State Building.
But one fact that you probably won’t find in the tourist bro...

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