Narcissism and Trivia

A mission statement of sorts…

I have a friend with rather certain ideas about internet blogging. I shall protect his true identity, but for now let’s call him Errol for no other reason than it’s an under-used name. Errol firmly believes that too much writing these days lacks direction. It’s important, he holds, to pick a subject of specialism and stick to it.

I like this theory. I even approve of this theory. There are blogs that I go to when I want recipe ideas, or some righteous liberal anger, or even when I consciously want to be annoyed by human beings sheer scope for being shit to each other.

The thing is though, I’ve thought about the specialism thing, and in blogging terms, I don’t think it’s going to work for me.

This is one of those confessions that could go either way. When I tell you I spend most of my time flitting through multiple identities you’ll either be shaking your head and diagnosing boarderline schitzophrenia or you’ll be nodding and jumping up and down and shouting ‘thank god it’s not just me.’

Take the past month for example. Throughout August I have been in no particular order: a nature loving, ocean obsessed wannabe hippy; an angsty, mid-life crisis ridden thirty something; a home loving domestic goddess; a rather reckless party girl and a nine year old squabbling with her sister. (Metaphorically, obviously… none of these personalities have discovered a way to reverse aging.)

The problem is that all of those people want to write about different things, and talk about different things, leaving my poor over taxed brain to try to mediate between their needs. So rather than making the rest of them bow down to one in particular, (no-one likes a tyrant) this blog is absolutely going to be lacking in specialisms…

Here, everyone is equal so if it’s Niezche and the inevitiability of world’s end one day, it could just as easily be the best way to grow sweet peas the next.
And I’m reconciled to the fact that there are only two real outcomes of such devil-may-care generality. It will either make for an audience of individuals committed to glorious eclecticism, just like I am.

Or else it will make for an audience comprised soley  of my boyfriend and my Mum. And to be honest, she’ll only read if I nag her.

Regardless, for now let’s give it a whirl.


Hopefully that rather self-indulgent justification has got the narcissism out of the way at least.

Onto the trivia…